Founder/ Creative Executive Director

Esrom Williams, Jr.

As a research artist in dance, Esrom is an eclectic choreographer, educator and dancer merging the lines between classical and contemporary dance styles. His interdisciplinary studies in western and ethnical dance guides his movement creations while investigating topics of race, gender, mental health, hybridity, and social justice in his works. As a dance artist, he tries to explore beyond the boundaries, limitation, and criticisms that slips through our fingers. Hailing from an Indo-Jamaican heritage that pushes his movement exploration and identities in Asian Indian American Contemporary Dance, Esrom has created a challenged tonality between the American culture and diasporas from the Caribbean.

"Finding our personal voice in our artistry is imperative to the continuation of diverse movement languages in the performing arts. Stepping into the multiplicities of dance, I carry with me innumerable movement languages passed down through the lineage of dance artists and creative pioneers such as Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Jose Limon, Lester Horton, Martha Graham, and a host of modern and contemporary movers."

In his creative processes he initiates an open atmosphere that supports free roaming energy combined with an active awareness for the interculturalism of bodies and histories in the space. "Building unconditional relationships with others during this time of self-indulgence, trying not to dictate the creative flows that influence each movers’ identities we touch, fall, and intertwine spiritual connections that play a leading role in the creative process. Reflecting on our actions, whether verbal or physical can affect how others live their lives. Sharing a common language with our bodies communicates growth and the advancement of the world around us, continuing a road map for future generations."